"The highlight of our day is receiving positive feedback from our family of patients. We genuinely care for them, and it means the world to us that they appreciate our efforts." -- Dr. Todd Gifford

“Gifford Family Dentistry is truly amazing! Like most people, I used to despise having to sit in a dentist chair, as well as the cold environment, regardless of what dental work was being done. However, that is most definitely NOT the case anymore! Thanks to Gifford Family Dentistry, it has actually become a pleasant, enjoyable experience. Their friendly staff treat you as if you are family, not just another patient. They sincerely take the time to get to know you, and it always feels 100% genuine. From the moment you walk through the door, you are greeted with a friendly smile, and you immediately feel comfortable. Dr. Gifford is very professional and passionate about his work. He treats you as if you are a long-time friend of his, and with dental work to match. Both Molly and Amanda at Gifford Family Dentistry are truly amazing, as well. Both always friendly, and always helpful. You will know that you are in good hands. The environment at Gifford Family Dentistry is fun, friendly, and relaxing!! How many other dentist offices can you sincerely say that about? Highly recommend!!! A+++.” — Matt W., NE Portland

“Dr. Gifford and his wonderful staff have gone above and beyond for us. My husband needed to see a dentist immediately, and they were able to squeeze him in that same day, even as a new patient. I recently went to see Dr. Gifford myself for a cleaning and exam. With our busy schedule, it had been a long time since my last appointment with my old dentist, and I was a little nervous. The experience was fabulous. The dental hygienist did a great job, and it wasn’t painful at all. They even have Netflix and Pandora to distract you while they work. Overall, we have been very impressed with this office and would highly recommend it to others.” — Sheri and Jayson, SW Portland

“Thank you so much for your help with my impacted wisdom tooth on 12/27/12. The operation is healing very well and I was very impressed with your service and kindness. My friends in Portland have all heard how great you are. Happy New Year.” — Alicia H., Cambridge, MA

“I cannot recommend Gifford Family Dentistry enough! Their scheduling is so flexible, they are available after work most days. The staff is amazing and very attentive. They really put a lot of effort into keeping you comfortable and listen carefully to all concerns. I wouldn’t choose a dentist based on this alone, but the overhead flat screen, headphones, Netflix, and Pandora don’t hurt when it comes to distracting yourself from the sounds of dental work. I hate having my teeth worked on, but this place really takes the edge off and I always look forward to seeing Doctor Gifford and his team!” — Alyssa C., SW Portland

“Dr. Gifford is amazing! I have never enjoyed going to the dentist, but unfortunately I end up in that chair more often than I would like. Dr. Gifford makes the dentist visit as enjoyable as possible. I have been a patient for over a year and been in more than ten times, so I have a really good feel for the way he works. His assistant is amazing and very nice. And Anne, the receptionist, makes every visit very personable. Anne along with the rest of the staff take the time to get to know you while working very efficiently.

“I had a really bad cavity in one of my back teeth and instead of pulling it or taking out the root he worked for a very long time building up the tooth, and at the end it was a true work of art. Anyone else would have taken one look at my tooth and taken the easy way out. He also pulled all of my wisdom teeth; one only took 30 seconds to pull. Recovery is always fast. Price is never a problem, they are flexible and willing to work with payment plans. GO GIFFORD!” — Ashlee Mitchell, Corvallis

“This place is GREAT! Right up front, I’ll let you know that this is the dentist you want to go to. He’s very professional and intelligent and clearly cares about doing his job properly while keeping the patient entirely comfortable. All of his staff are similarly kind, professional people. My story follows, but is largely irrelevant, as the point of the story is to illustrate the testimony I have already provided.

“Given to self-indulgent whims as I am, my story: So I’ve had bad luck (been very irresponsible) with my teeth and the problems had finally come to a head. It had been 30+ hours since I had slept because the pain in my tooth had become so bad. I chose Gifford Family Dentistry, was able to get an appointment the next afternoon at 8pm because I worked all day but told them it was an emergency, and good ol’ Doc Gifford stayed until about ten doing an emergency root canal because my teeth were so bad. The procedure was practically painless and extremely professional; I watched ‘Gangs of New York’ while Dr. Gifford worked on my teeth. I had been to a specialist for a root canal before; Dr. Gifford was at least as skilled as the specialist. I returned a few months later to get my wisdom teeth removed. There was no pain afterwards and my mouth felt almost entirely healed after a week; the swelling lasted about five days. This seemed remarkable, considering all the stories I’ve heard about wisdom teeth extractions. This is the Gifford Family Advocate, signing off.” — Cai L., SW Portland

“I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Gifford based on the good reviews and convenient distance. I was expecting him to be decent, but I have to say I am totally blown away by him and his staff—they are all AWESOME! They always tell me what they’re doing or what they’re going to do, sensitive to how I’m doing in the chair, and do excellent work. I also noticed he is cheaper than my last dentist was, for what that’s worth. As others have noticed, the doctor tends to do cleanings himself a lot of the time, and I was lucky enough to get that treatment as well. He also gave me a free sciencey tooth health lecture which I loved, too. This is the first time I’ve been able to watch Netflix during fillings or whatever. They also offer to put on a Pandora station for you if you prefer!

“I have seen Dr. Gifford three times now, for a cleaning/examination, five fillings, and three extractions, and I can’t say how happy I am that I discovered this dentist. He called to follow up after the extractions to make sure I was doing okay, something no dentist has ever done with me. Nobody ‘wants’ to go to the dentist but they made this as pleasant as it could have possibly been, and they did a perfect job with my teeth. I want everyone to know about this place so he’s rewarded for being so awesome! I never feel like expending any effort to writing reviews for decent service but Dr. Gifford really goes the extra mile. I love these guys.” — Danielle B., SW Portland

“This is the first time I’ve ever written a review for a dentist. And it comes based on recent experience with both cleaning and filling. Dr. Gifford is thorough and treats dentistry like an art—with care and perfection. I’m also one who doesn’t like to go to the dentist; for me there’s a factor of fear at the thought of a needle. But I didn't feel any pain and Dr. Gifford was so careful and sensitive to my comfort. I left feeling fine, also watched a great movie while he worked and for a large cavity in a difficult location. I’m amazed it’s done so well and a perfect match in color. Dr. Gifford and his staff are superb.” — Nancy B., SW Portland

“I can’t tell you how great this dentist is. After years and years of being self-conscious of the way my teeth look, I am finally getting to the point where I love my smile again, thanks to Dr. Gifford. He is wonderful. He takes his time, is very methodical, and is very compassionate. His office staff is amazing. I would highly recommend Dr. Gifford to anyone and everyone.” — Amanda S., SW Portland

“Best dentist I have ever had! Relaxed atmosphere. Dr. Gifford really cares about what he is doing. I had a filling done and I felt absolutely no pain. I was even laughing during the drilling as I was watching a movie. He is awesome. Not to mention the free whitening-for-life deal is great.” — Robert C., SW Portland

“Good dentist. Really takes his time, knows what he’s doing. Late hours and location make it convenient for people at OHSU, and they take the Aetna OHSU student insurance. Insurance paid for most and they definitely did everything to make costs minimal. They filled in a chip in my tooth that was causing me sensitivity and worked on it until it felt perfect! Real artistry on that one! You can watch movies and listen to music the whole time they work, which is pretty cool too. Patient-centered, non-hurried dentistry. He works very hard and does a great job.” — OHSU medical student, SW Portland (6/19/2011)

“Truly a great experience with excellent dental care, careful explanations of findings and recommendations for care, and great staff. Such a great experience, I even referred my wife to Dr. Gifford.” — Ken S., SW Portland

“Dr. Gifford and his staff are exceptionally friendly while at the same time very professional. Anne welcomes everyone with a big smile and remembers your name. Dr. Gifford explains dentist-type things better and more thoroughly than any other dentist I’ve gone to. He spent a long time doing tests trying to figure out why a tooth was causing me discomfort. I highly recommend him. And who else offers free whitening to their patients?” — Zanna A., SW Portland

“To Anne, Molly, and Dr. Gifford: Thank you so much for fitting me in on no notice for my root canal. I’m really happy that I happened on your office. My Dad and I are biking through Missouri and I’m very fortunate to be doing it without a toothache. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” — Megan M., SW Portland

“Anne set up the appointment conveniently for me and helped me complete the financial paperwork process prior to the appointment. It went very smoothly. I was not familiar with the area so I called the office for further directions. They provided phone support to locate the office with smiles at the door upon my arrival. And then it was right down to business. With the bridge removal and tooth extraction, Dr. Gifford was determined to make sure all portions of the decayed tooth were removed painlessly. I have already referred my friends and am pleased to continue referring to such a supportive team.” — Margaret M., NW Portland

“I have never talked to an appointment scheduler while they were going to work. When I got an appointment the same day was when I thought this would be the dentist for me. Dr. Gifford explained carefully and fully what was going on with my teeth: the options and what to expect. The assistants are always friendly and helpful. Anne has been very helpful with taking care of insurance and scheduling.” — Ron P., SW Portland

“After years of feeling as though I was just another number to my dentist, I switched over to Dr. Gifford. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He takes the time to review your concerns and explain your options. He accommodated my schedule, even staying late on a Saturday to do a root canal for me. He and his staff are gracious and fun and he has a beautiful office. Last but not least, he has a TV that moves directly above you so you can watch Netflix during your procedure. His work was painless, but I have to admit, a little TV is a great distraction. I’m excited to find a dentist that really works for me.” — Candace B., SE Portland

“Absolutely the best dentist I have ever seen! Prompt, courteous, customer-driven dentistry at its apex. Great flexibility in appointment times. I highly recommend this business (specifically Dr. Todd A. Gifford)!” — John M., SW Portland

“Dr. Gifford’s office in Southwest is relatively new. He is amazing. His office staff is amazing! I highly recommend him as a family dentist. He is understanding, caring, compassionate, friendly, and funny! His office is really nice, clean, and the equipment is new and beautiful! His front office staff are helpful and so nice! During my appointment I watched a Netflix movie with headphones on a big-screen TV right above me! You can also listen to music, if you choose. He is gentle and explains his steps before and after the procedures. Before finding Dr. Gifford, my husband had a horrible dental fear; that has since diminished! I am telling you: best family dentist in the hood!” — Amanda R., NE Portland

“You are just the best dentist and I appreciate that I get to laugh non-stop while at the dentist. I keep referring everyone I can to you.” — Janey Greenlees, Owner at Alphagraphics, Hillsboro

“Dear Dr. Gifford, thank you so much for the special surgery after your regular hours. I had a very good first night, and I feel fine this morning. I shall look forward to our next visit. At 86, I need a lot of help. Once again, I say thank you very much.” — Jerry W., King City

“I have been the patient of Dr. Todd Gifford since 2008. He first treated me while he was an associate in his last office. When he left to start his own practice, I chose to follow him. He is an excellent dentist, and I have grown to trust Dr. Gifford to help me make informed decisions regarding my dental care. I am happy to recommend him for many reasons. First and foremost, he does excellent work, and it is obvious that he really takes pride in everything he does. He takes the time to explain ideal treatment and alternative procedures available to me. Then, he listens to me and asks questions to make sure I understand all of my choices. He also has a solid working knowledge of dental insurance coverage, which in turn helps me most effectively use the insurance I have available. Finally, his availability, caring attitude, and humor make going to the dentist a positive experience for me.” — Dee B., North Portland